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Jamie Oliver – Food Revolution Day!

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jammie oliver 03He makes me want to stand up and shout, ”May 15th is Food Revolution Day!” at the top of my lungs. And so I am!

Jamie Oliver, Britain’s celebrity chef and best-selling author, renowned for his international advocacy and crusade to secure healthy food for children will ask every political leader at the G20 to join his campaign to stop all diet related diseases.

Our children's eating habits have changed so much that heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other adult diseases are plaguing them at an unforeseen rate - and the statistics are staggering.  42 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese around the world.   Childhood obesity has more than doubled in Canada since the 1970s with one in three children classified as obese.

“It is every child’s right to obtain life skills and food education so they can lead healthier, happier and more productive lives,” said Jamie Oliver. He is calling on political leaders and governments of the G20 to make practical food education compulsory at school.

"…obesity is preventable and I believe that by educating our children about food and where it comes from and how to cook it and how to shop, we can turn the tide on the obesity epidemic that affects most of the world in 2015,” said Oliver.

"…in the next fifteen years the global incidence of type 2 diabetes in children will increase up to 50%."

The Canadian Diabetes Association, 2013

To date, Jamie has gathered about 740,000 signatures from over 180 countries - but it’s not enough. He needs at least 1 million signatures to capture the attention of every world leader and decision maker who can make a profound and positive impact on our children’s health and future wellbeing.

"With enough support from millions of people around the world, I truly believe that we can create a movement that’s powerful enough to make governments take action,” said Oliver.

Click on the link below to sign the petition!


Guidelines on the Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity

jammie oliver 07For the first time in over twenty years, The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) issued a set of guidelines on the prevention and management of childhood obesity focusing on the regular monitoring of a child’s height, weight and body mass index.

CTFPHC is asking doctors to refer their overweight or obese children to nutritionists and other medical professionals so that this health issue can be addressed immediately. To be successful in their endeavour, the entire family must be involved in the program.

The CTFPHC is supported by the Dietitians of Canada, Canadian Paediatric Society, College of Family Physicians of Canada, Community Health Nurses of Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group.

In the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), Dr. Carolyn Summerbell, Professor of Human Nutrition in Obesity Related Behaviours (ORB) Research Groupat Durham University in the U.K. states, "The primary care team can play an important role in supporting, encouraging and advising the public.”

“Tackling childhood obesity should not be seen in two halves - prevention and treatment. It is a continuum, and the grey area in the middle is actually where many children lie for at least some time during their childhood,” added Summerbell.

Top recommendations from CTFPHCfor primary care practitioners include:

  •  Growth monitoring using the World Health Organization Growth Charts (Canada) for all children and youth under the age of 18 at appropriate primary care visits.
  •  Refer children from the age of two to 17 who are obese or overweight to structured behavioural programs aimed at achieving healthy growth.jammie oliver 08
  •  Provide structured behavioural interventions such as an increased exercise regimen, lifestyle changes and nutritional diet aimed at healthy weight management.
  •  Pharmacologic treatments including Orlistat should not be offered to children or youth who are overweight or obese.
  •  Referral to surgery for overweight and obese children and youth is not recommended.
  • Jamie Oliver's third annual Food Revolution Day focuses on getting kids cooking, with thousands of schools and ambassadors from 90 countries hosting educational food events.
  • Join Jamie’s Classroom Lesson! There are lots of school resources you can download.

“Positive initiatives to tackle the global obesity epidemic are reverberating around our planet. Organizations are implementing changes to their policies, integrating proactive measures and acting responsibly for what has been so blatantly apparent and what they can no longer deny – social conscience, awareness and accountability. This long overdue chain reaction in asking the government, corporations, and parents to do the right thing for all the right reasons, brings the obesity plight to a crucial crossroad from a moral and ethical standpoint that echoes: "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." ~, excerpt from ‘Bold Moves to Tackle Child Obesity’ – CHASA

üThe School Food Plan in England has made cooking lessons and food education a compulsory part of their curriculum.

üThe General Law on Education advises that all schools in Mexico promote healthy eating through compulsory nutrition education.

üThe School Health Programme in Brazil has made food and nutrition education a fundamental part of their basic curriculum.

üFood education has been part of the curriculum in Japan since 2005, and Finland, as well, has a long history of home economics.

Canadian Diabetes Statisticsjammie oliver 11

  • More than 20 people are diagnosed with diabetes every hour of every day.
  • It is estimated that an additional 700,000 have the disease but don’t know it.
  • Rising obesity rates, sedentary lifestyles, an aging population and changes in the ethnic mix of new immigrants have and will continue to drive these increases.
  • One in every three American children born in 2000 will likely be diagnosed with diabetes in their lifetime and similar rates are anticipated for Canadian children.
  • Type 2 diabetes is being diagnosed in Canadian First Nations children as young as eight years of age - and the incidence are increasing rapidly.
  • It is anticipated that in the next fifteen years the global incidence of type 2 diabetes in children will increase up to 50%.

Message to all Parentsjammie oliver 13

“Wake up and smell the sugar! The statistical and analytical data from reputable, medical associations and organizations are not lying to us – they're warning us. The steady influx of fast food chains and junk food combined with a sedentary lifestyle has caused childhood obesity to reach epidemic proportions in Canada and around the world. Children's muscles atrophy after a period of abuse and neglect and manifest the onset of chronic adult diseases.”

“Some parents don't think their children are overweight or obese and believe they are eating healthy meals, and other parents readily admit their children are overweight but believe they will eventually outgrow their 'baby fat' stage. As long as parents continue to look at their children with a blind eye or skewed attitude, serious health issues will escalate exponentially and children will ultimately pay the price.” ~, excerpt from ‘Sugar Babies’ - CHASA

Make sure your children have access to a fruit-and-vegetable-rich diet and are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Teach your children by example. Guide them with love, knowledge and kindness.

Don't let your child become another statistic. Click on the link below and stand up for what is right.


“If the food industry was held accountable, and the marketing industry used their savvy to promote healthy foods, simple policy changes would have an enormous and positive impact on our children's future. If more families were inspired to cook their meals (not heat pre-packaged foods) and prepare healthy lunches with balanced, nutritional food choices, the statistics for our children's future wouldn't be staggering – they would be commendable.” ~, excerpt from McDonald’s Shareholders Vote on Unhealthy Food Marketed to Children

jammie oliver 15Our children are our future. The healthy food measures we provide for them now will support and strengthen their growing years. It is through our collective integrity that we unite with one strong voice to make this world a better, healthier and safer place for our children.

Jamie Oliver, a brilliant and tenacious activist who believes healthy food = healthy kids and founder of Food Revolution, continues to challenge politicians and decision makers around the world to get serious about fighting childhood obesity.


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  • Comment Link CJ Thursday, 15 October 2020 15:08 posted by CJ

    What about the rise in eating disorders in children - too much focus on food and health is actually detrimental as eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Health issues related to obesity take years to develop, health problems from eating disorders are immediate and effect children while they are young.

    Obesity is an issue, but there needs to be equal awareness about body positivity/acceptance with our children. Eating Disorders deserve a space wherever obesity is mentioned. The risks are far too high to ignore.

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