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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 23:14

Our Canadian Health System

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February 19, 2013 - The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) created an interactive website detailing Canada's overall health and a comprehensive look at how our health system is performing - from the national level down to the local and facility levels. The website is designed to help Canadians understand how well their health system is performing — province by province, region by region and in relation to some information - hospital by hospital.

The website explores five areas of performance measurement according to what Canadians deem most important and displays comparative results on 15 performance indicators within these areas. Please click on the hyperlinks below to obtain statistical information.


Have a Regular Doctor – I in 6 Canadians do not have a regular family Doctor

Specialist Wait Times – 1 in 6 Canadians waits three months or longer to see a specialisthealth-004

Radiation Treatment Wait Times – 50% of Canadians receive cancer radiation therapy within 7 days

Joint Replacement Wait Times - Almost 1 in 4 Canadians has to wait longer than six months for a hip or knee replacement.


Returning to Hospital – 1 in 12 patients is re-admitted within one month of leaving hospital. Readmissions to hospitals cost $1.8 billion per year

Hospital Deaths (HSMR) – every year more than 100,000 Canadians die in hospital, which equates to 65% of all deaths

Repeat Hospital Stays for Mental Illness – repeat hospital stays for mental illness are 20% higher for patients living in poorer neighbourhoods

Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Long-Term Care – in Canadian long-term care homes, 1 in 3 residents is taking antipsychotic drugs without a diagnosis of psychosis

Spending:   health-006

Age-Adjusted Public Spending per Person – since 2011 the total health spending in both private and public sectors in Canada is $200 billion per year

Average Cost of a Hospital Stay – range of average cost per patient stay between teaching hospitals depends on specialty – from $4,100.00 to $9,500.00

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:

Smoking – 1 in 5 Canadians, or 6,000,000 people, from the age 12 and older smoke daily or occasionally

Obesity – over the past 30 years, obesity has doubled for adults and tripled for youth

health-007Health Outcomes:

Life Expectancy – life expectancy in Canada is 81 years of age for men and 84 years of age for women

Avoidable Deaths – 30% of deaths for Canadians under the age of 75 are from preventable or treatable causes

Healthy Child Development – 74% of Canadian children are developing well prior to entering Grade 1

Hospital Performance

Information on hospital performance is available on the Canadian Hospital Reporting Project, which includes results for more than 600 facilities from every province and territory in Canada. The tool’s interactive functionality allows users to:

  • Examine performance across spans of years.
  • Compare regional, provincial/territorial and national results with those of their peers.

To access more information, click on Hospital Results.

www.OurHealthSystem.ca is just the first step in providing more interactive and accessible information on health system performance. Next year, CIHI plans to release more performance measures for regions and hospitals including new ways to compare them.


Canadian Institute for Health Information

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