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Issue 43: July 2018

Saturday, 28 September 2013 19:46

Full Day Kindergarten Benefits Children

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September 19, 2013 – A study conducted in partnership with Queen's and McMaster Universities measured the progress and development of students who were enrolled in full day kindergarten (FDK) compared to those who were enrolled in half day programs and in every aspect, FDK students accelerated their development and improved their readiness for Grade One.

Children that received two years of FDK instruction compared to children that did not receive any kind of kindergarten instruction confirmed:

  • Reduced risk in social competence development from 10.5% to 5.2%
  •  Reduced risk in language and cognitive development from 16.4% to 4.3%
  • Reduced risk in communication skills & general knowledge development from 10.5% to 5.6%

Facts for Every Parent

  • 75% of four and five year old children now have access to FDK which means that 180,000 of our youngest students will reap the benefits of FDK in approximately 2,600 schools across Ontario.
  • By September 2014, FDK will be available in all elementary schools with the support of 3,800 more teaching positions and up to 20,000 early childhood educator positions.
  • Families will be able to save up to $6,500.00 per year in childcare costs by enrolling their child in FDK.

Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Principal Evaluator, Social Program Evaluation Group and Associate Professor at Brock University states, "Our research, one of the largest early learning studies, provides ample evidence of the success of Ontario's full day, kindergarten program.  We found that children in full day, every day kindergarten typically adapt quicker to routines, engage in tasks for longer periods of time, and have much more exposure to experiences that support self-regulation, than in half day or alternate day programs."

kinder2"Our evaluation shows the benefits of full day kindergarten," says Dr. Ray DeV. Peters, Research Director for Better Beginnings and Better Futures Research Group at Queen's University.  

"Educators noticed that they were able to introduce concepts to children sooner than they had in the past with half-day programs.  Parents noticed the growth in their children's social skills, vocabulary and capacity to work through problems and self-regulate to a greater degree than they had prior to FDK entry."

This initiative will provide children with a 'healthy head start' and the educational tools they need to not only succeed academically in their elementary years but also transfer their skills in every aspect of their life.

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  • Comment Link Lillian Schaeffer Tuesday, 27 February 2018 15:19 posted by Lillian Schaeffer

    I had no idea that you could save up to $6,500 per year in childcare costs by enrolling in full day kindergarten. My daughter is just about the right age for kindergarten, and we've been trying to decide where she'll go. It sounds like a full day program would be the best option, so we'll definitely look for that.

  • Comment Link Leviticus Bennett Friday, 14 April 2017 16:45 posted by Leviticus Bennett

    Wow, the percentages of reduced risk in social competence, language and communication are really significant. My niece is growing and is about the right age to go to kindergarten. My sister-in-law is debating whether or not she should go yet, but I'll show her this article to convince her.

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