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Issue 43: July 2018


There's a resurgence of excitement in the air! Children's Safety Association of Canada, an organization established in 1992, has a totally revamped website with a plethora of information and up-to-date news that will open doors and pique your awareness towards the betterment of children's safety.  Not only do we want to inform you; we want to inspire you. We invite you to register to become an active member of our organization and have your say! Our mission is to raise a collective and consistent awareness of safety issues and concerns for children everywhere.

Speaking with Andy Brisebois, the President of the CSAC, I am reminded of his core values: enthusiasm, integrity, and accountability. These values have not only allowed Andy to remain consistent and stalwart in his mission towards safety for children, but in a much greater sense, have allowed him to become a strong advocate in providing the highest level of children's safety information.

Children's Safety Association of Canada receives emails and letters from every continent, and it does not surprise me that the foundation of CSAC, while Canadian, continues to reach people on a global platform. Our toll-free information line has helped hundreds of thousands of anxious parents with their emergent questions and difficult situations. On the front page of our website under the heading of 'Children Safety Information' are many subjects that would benefit everyone including safety information and tips for your home, pool, car, playground, farm, internet, and poison prevention, just to name a few.


recallsAnother feature that we receive many compliments for is 'Recalls, Health & Safety Alerts', which lists products that are recalled across Canada. 'Health Canada', 'Transport Canada' and 'Consumer Product Safety' are our primary resources of information for the section, which is updated daily, so please do check in with us on a regular basis to receive the latest recall information. As we are made aware of the recalls that occur outside of Canada, we will keep you up-to-date in our 'News Flash' section.


kidshoppeA new section on our website that we are very excited about is the  'Kid Shoppe', a buyer's guide for parents and children with retail, organizational and community listings predominantly in Ontario; but our intention is to cover every province in Canada.

The 'Kid Shoppe' is very important to our website because it pays for our 'Safety Kit Programs' that we give freely to our parents and, at the same time, we are able to promote the services of our Canadian children retailers and organizations. We are very thankful to all our advertisers.


feedbackWe welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions. Our website is all about you, your children and your grandchildren, and the many ways we could improve the quality of our service to you. We would love to hear your opinion!

Children's Safety Association of Canada's mission is to offer you the most up-to-date information for all children safety issues and concerns. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions. We believe that we can learn from each other. It is not our intent to be controversial; our primary concern is child safety. Canada is very much a multicultural country comprised of approximately 208 ethnicities according to the 2006 Census. It is our mission to increase our awareness and visibility on a greater global platform and provide as much information to as many parents as possible for the safety and well-being of children everywhere.

Please address your comments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Until next time,


Veronika Bradley, Editor

September 4, 2012 - I can't imagine how parents feel when their child goes missing. The notion to me is unperceivable and ineffable. It's a situation that I just can't get my head around – and yet more than 50,000 children are reported missing in Canada every year. Going through such a harrowing experience inexorably demands that when you are…
Global News brought to our attention the risk of taking photos of children from your cell telephone while your GPS tracking system is turned on. These photos are placed on the internet for all your friends and family to view and unknowingly, you have placed your family in potential jeopardy. Each picture contains tracking information that predators can use to…
Buckyballs. Do you know what they are? Do you know what they look like? Did you know that they pose a potential hazard to your children and pets? If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, please don't feel bad, either did I. Recently I read an article in the Toronto Star Newspaper about Payton Bushnell, a 3-year old…
In an article written by Andrea Gordon, the Family Issues Reporter for the Toronto Star Newspaper it was stated that Toronto Public Health tabled a report urging Ontario to make all publicly funded vaccines mandatory for students.  "…each year Ontario students are threatened with suspensions from school for failing to provide proof of immunization.  Toronto is one of the few…
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The Child Safety Seat Coalition is comprised of a consortium of representatives from various community agencies and groups in Canada who are committed to reducing road-related injuries and deaths in children. The correct usage and proper installation of child safety seats can reduce the risk of injury by 75% and the risk of death by 90%, but unfortunately, 4 out…
St. John Ambulance provides a national Child Car Seat Safety Installation to the community by a group of trained and certified Car Seat Technician volunteers who will guide parents through the installation process. If you would like to book an appointment, which will take approximately 30 minutes per car seat, I suggest that you do it as soon as possible…
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Karen Bonuck, noted Research Leader for The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York has conducted a sleeping breathing disorder study of over 11,000 children from infancy to the age of seven. This study recently published in the 'Pediatrics' Journal suggests that young children who snore a lot or have other breathing problems at night may have a heightened…
People with hearing disorders cannot hear a Fire Alarm or Carbon Monoxide Alarm in their home or in fact any environment. What I find alarming, pardon the pun, is just how many people are completely unaware that they have a hearing deficit disorder and therefore place themselves and their families at risk in not being able to respond to an…
Children are going back to school and for the wee ones this will be their first year. How exciting is that! Their daily routine will change, they'll be meeting new classmates, travel to and from school, and have a new surrounding – their very first classroom. It’s a good idea to think ahead and consider Back to School safety guidelines…

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