Children's Health & Safety Association

Issue 43: July 2018

22 June 2021

  • Re: Infant Dies from Ingesting Detergent Pod

    The conclusion of this article is beyond ridiculous for a number of reasons, some of them outlined below. 1. There are countless household items capable of causing illness or death in cases of ingestion, and many of them look like items a child may use or eat. Many forms of rodent poison are small, vivid blue cylinders, much like chalk and crayons. Simply put, anything small and colorful will attract attention from children with access. 2. No 7 month old is likely to be familiar with the concept of candy, let alone it's appearance and flavor. Chew toys, perhaps - candy, no. 3. I ask, when did it become normal to give our infants and children the authority to discern between toxic and non-toxic substances? Quite simply, they should not have access to such things until they are able to consider an item prohibited.

    When will we revert to the principal that parental responsibility and common sense are paramount in the protection of children and infants? R & D folks - you are not compelled to account for irresponsible users in the design of your products.

  • Re: Microsoft Windows 8 Designed for Parental Monitoring

    Would like to share my experience. There is another monitoring system which allows you to track cell phones online. I installed it on my kid's phone. Now I always know his location. Very useful application.


  • Re: Home Alone!

    I had the same problem. I was always afraid of leaving my kids at home alone. Once I had a bad experience when I was at a business trip. My kids escaped to a friend's party.

    But I found a solution. Can advise you to install a gps tracking system on their phone and watch their location online. As an example try UonMap app.


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